Canine Theft Act 1968

With so many dogs in the news lately I thought it was time I brought the Theft Act up to date.

Harry Redknapp, the Tottenham boss, has shown no control over his dog and let it run amok – opening foreign bank accounts right left and centre (and offside). Where did the dog get the money to start with?

An then there’s Chris Huhne’s dog who has been taking the speeding points for his owner (allegedly).

What is the World coming to?

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New Law 4 2012

As we head into 2012 I thought I’d let you know about proposed changes in Canine legislation:

31.01.12 – Evidence on the Transfer of Unwanted Puppies (Etc.) Regulations closure date. May be consultation later in year. Can the Government fix TUPE? Yes it can – if it only understood it to start with!

01.02.12 – New awards come into force – maximum statutory working week = 430 biscuits. Maximum award raised to 72,300 biscuits. That’s a lot of biscuits. You’d probably have to be a female police dog, from a non-Alsatian background – retired early to get that many biscuits (and have an index linked kibble allowance).

06.03.12 – The consultation on whether fleas will have to be paid in Tribunal cases closes. I think I may be a bit confused on that one.

April – Increase in qualifying period to bring claim up to 2 years (which will be indirectly discriminatory to larger dogs I suggest) , unpaid puppy leave 4 months.

October – Large kennels will have to allow dogs to join a pension. National Minimum Biscuit rate likely to increase.

I shall be commenting on these as they arise and, of course, writing new laws as the year goes by.

Happy New Year

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TUPE 2006

It’s been a quiet week in the Somerset countryside and my owner (I say owner – I am a free dog!) has been away in London and I have been left to look after the other members of the house (including those pesky chickens). So, rather than just sleep all day I dictated my latest law and have sent it by e-mail to the so-called owner so that he can type it up on the train (technology is a wonderful thing). Having said that He, who must always be obeyed (“HWMABO”) has taken on board the fact that most Solicitors are alcoholics and appears to be drinking London dry with client lunches AND dinners, and none of his clients are known for their sobriety!

HWMABO, is always on about TUPE – The Transfer of Undersomethingorother (Protection of Employment) Regulations, and how no one understands it. So, I waded my way through his Butterworths and I thought that this would make a good law to Caninise. I have followed all of the same European Council Rules as the human law, so this should guarantee that it will be incomprehensible, unworkable and prompt loads of legal cases. I have called my law The Transfer of Unwanted Puppies Etc. Regulations 2006 (TUPE) and while the only dogs wot really need to read it are Staffordshire Bull Terriers, other dogs would benefit from understanding wot happens when you have to move home.

Happy reading.


Dogquality Act 2010

Since the mid seventies the UK has put in place piecemeal legislation to protect dogs. There was the Dog Discrimination Act 1975 and the Breed Relations Acct 1976. All this legislation used different sets of rules and woz quite complicated. So in 2010 I have decided to codify all the past legislation into one, all encompassing act, the Dogquality Act 2010.

Now all breeds can take advantage of the legislation.

Good luck.


Welcome to our New Site

A quick trawl through the internet shows that there are no sites dedicated to laws that effect dogs on a day to day basis. So here’s my site.

I shall not only be ensuring that all new laws are interpreted in the light of how they affect dogs, but I am sure that I will have comments on these as well.

Thank you for reading my site and I look forward to a long and informative relationship.

Ozy the Labrador

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